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Only the human part is passive, unlike the other. Perhaps the most urgent thing we can learn from the study of UFOs is the scope of the secrecy and deception imposed on us by our so-called "representative governments". The "absence of evidence" may not be "evidence of absence", but it certainly guides the way to wager. However, in this case, there is enough evidence to convince any one with the intellectual integrity to examine it that there is a real phenomenon that defies conventional explanation. Scientific advances, and indeed paradigm shifts, are ALWAYS preceded by raw observation of phenomenon that are thoroughly anomalous or unexplainable for their time, Such were the observations that led to the theories of Heliocentrism, Evolution, Relativity etc… The same is true for technology, electricity was a mere parlor amusement before its ramifications were better understood.

Certain properties of electricity were observed and studied by the ancient Greeks, thousands of years before anyone had the scientific context or instrumentality to comprehend its deeper nature.

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Dolan's book documents the raw observations of the phenomenon by eyewitnesses, photos, films, radar data and physical trace evidence. From these observations we learn many things about the physical nature of the phenomenon, e.

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This is no different from Astronomers who document astronomical phenomena that are completely at odds with our present understanding of Cosmology. Does the author of this review chastise them for not including wild speculation when reporting these phenomena in scientific journals? Dolan's book is an exposition of the state of knowledge about the phenomenon, akin to the observational writings of Charles Darwin before his "Origin of Species".

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Not only is it unnecessary for Dolan to speculate on an 'explanation" of the phenomenon, it would have been presumptuous and unscientific to do so. Speculation and hypothesis differ in that hypotheses are testable. In this unique situation where the subject of the hypothesis is capable of avoiding, confusing or preventing experimentation, Dolan is prudent to avoid speculation in this volume.

For the reviewer to criticize Dolan for not speculating on the origins of the phenomenon is either disingenuous or astonishingly thick headed for a man in his position. I recommend he read some of my brother Peter Galison's books on the history and theory of experimentation. Ugo Cargo Cult I am reading anthropologist Mary Douglas 'Natural Symbols' Edition ; new Introduction who discusses studies of recurrent at least up to s Melanesian cargo cults against the wider theoretical anthropological background, p.

Douglas discusses such manifestation in the light of Melanesian social structure and compares these cults with other millennial cults, including Western contemporary manifestations. She ventures that similar events will have occurred before European contact, and will have arisen out of the nature of the culture where a high individual premium is put on "success" or on "being successful".

The inherent moral tension social weakness over winners and losers cannot be resolved, unless some 'new men' can usher in by a new rite a new 'Golden Age' or in the modern instance a 'new cargo cult'. Quote: "Cargo, then, is not wanted for its own sake, but for the new relationships it will permit, when Papuan can exchange with European on fair and equal terms.

Personally, I think increasingly that, like language, there are none, or few 'primitive' cultures and that cultures do not need complex division of labour based on technology to spring 'emergent' complex properties. The number of articles mentioning the "UFO" concept is an indication of the scientific interest in the field. It peaked in the late s and declined afterward. Avery August 24, at PM.

Joe August 23, at PM. Phil Harris August 26, at AM. P,ufo crashes, plus a discussion forum. Pictures and facts of ancient mysteries, the orion theory, ufo's, sightings by american astronauts, alienbody's, dulce secret underground base , secrets on mars and area51! The Unexplained side of things, paranormal activity and ufo's are all in here! Everything that sounds strange in here is NOT!

UFO Resources M. The Vault is dedicated to shedding some light on the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence, and to break down the government's attempt to cover it up. Abduction stories, sightings, confidential info. E-Mail Address: Nsp97 aol. It was a stopping-off place for emissaries from the Federation of Galactic Civilizations. The web site is a mega-list of UFO links. It's organization is somewhat like a telephone directory. Here you'll find an alphabetical listing of over ufo pages.

You'll be amazed sometimes at what you may find here! This site is devoted to those who wish to stretch their minds and take a journey into little known information. A site offering free web site hosting to any Paranormal related page. In having information where people can find info about the paranormal.

Check it out!!! You can join the ufo watchers program here.

Robert Hastings, UFOs and Nukes: The Documentary

Lots of links to other ufo related sites. E-Mail Address: andromeda mail. To find out more about us, please go to our 'Intro' page. Our site consists of three main sections - Paranormal, Black list and Research Area. On our Black list, you will find something a bit different than expected. The other sections explore topics dealing with UFO's and extraterrestrials.

Here you will find information about Adamski and Plazma Vortex. Also in our paranormal section, you will find some interesting topics about Turkey. Some of the pages in our site are in English. On some of pages, text is not necessary, so language is not a problem. You can reach someone from our staff from the "contact us" section.

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TUVPO is not a commercial organization, membership is free and for everyone. O Sponsor Name: U. Fax: 55 Maria Noemia dos Santos, - Sta. Original sightings reports are also available here. A paranormal Center will soon be added. My Information Exchange is a place where anyone can share their personal Sightings , Abductions , their knowledge or theories in Government cover-ups , or any other strange and unexplainable Phenomena that you or someone you know may have experienced. Website contains reviews of UFO related books, videos, other websites as well as news and conference information.

Website visitors a re encouraged to email their own submissions for publication. Update every time!!! This means you only need a Real Player one player to see and experience the video confirmation of ufos, alien abduc tion and contact. This site acts as a safe haven for UFO Experiencers and a repository for their stories.

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This page isn't here to debate the reality of the experiences or of the UFO phenomenon itself. This site is simply here to provide a safe place for people to tell about their experiences without having to worry if others doubt them. You are not alone in this. Your stories can help other experiencers not feel so alone as well. UFO Folklore has been growing in size and exposure since its creation in April of One of the most complete UFO sites on the Net, loaded with plenty of documents, pictures, case listings, artworks and other stuff.

Nice graphics. A forum for researchers and writers in UFOlogy. UFO Research P.

We offer a comprehensive site about UFOs, Government Conspiracies, Ancient Alien Astronauts, and provide a place to purchase a wide variety of books and vidieo tapes on these topics. Quality T-Shirts imprinted with alien themes, UFOs, flying saucers, abductions, Area 51, Roswell, Stonehenge, black helicopters, government conspiracy, mysterious happenings, military involvement.

Photographic proof! Sponsor Name: Ufo Studies! We are the largest ufo organization in the world, with chat-rooms, pictures, links, penpal pages and loads loads more UFO Watch is the best place to report your sightings on the net. Bridge the Gap between Established Science and Ufology. This website contains many documents, links, and features one of my recent articles on short period UFO cycles and how they may be used to predict when flaps should occur. UFOs and the 90s. A UFO dream-vision experience There is also a UFO-chatroom. To offer an open view of the facts, leaving you the oppportunity to make decisions of your own.

A look into a range of the unusual from UFO's and abductees, to the unexplained of our own world. This site has a lot to offer.

I have a large section on Roswell and many UFO pics. Also Area51 section that is under construction. E-Mail Address: ron7 webtv. My site is a large page of links to some of the best and most interesting sites on the web.